Download mastercomfig

Support me: Learn how you can support more updates to mastercomfig!

Initial Setup Instructions: Instructions on how to install mastercomfig and get it working with your setup.

Update Instructions: Instructions on how to update mastercomfig after you've already installed it.

Changelog: Read about what's changed in the latest version.

1. Choose your preset

2. Select any addons

3. Download your files

Just drop them in your tf/custom folder and they'll automatically run.

Download Medium High preset and selected addons VPKs

Additional mastercomfig config files

You can put these in your tf/cfg folder to help you customize mastercomfig.

Download user/autoexec.cfg empty file

Download user/modules.cfg template

4. Optional next steps

Troubleshooting and feedback

Experiencing problems with mastercomfig? Head to the troubleshoot page to get help with common issues. Don't see your issue? Ask our community for help! You can also join to give feedback and suggestions about the config.

Troubleshoot issues Discord Steam Group
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